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captioned by the national captioning institute >> hello and welcome to "the journal." >> coming up in this half hour -- 30 people killed as kurdish separatists clashed with turkey. >> caution ahead of this week's european central bank meeting. >> chinese dissidents are speaking out at the steps they're taking to be silenced. >> 10 turkish soldiers are dead
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and seven wounded after a raid by kurdish militants on bases near the southeastern border with syria and iraq. >> 100 guerrillas took part in the operation, the latest in a growing number of attacks. they have also kidnapped turkish government officials in the last few weeks. >> the outlawed pkk attack under the cover of night near the iraq border. some 100 militants launched the attack, shooting at security posts with grenade launchers and machine guns. the clash went on for three hours. after daybreak, a turkish security forces cordoned off the area. seven were wounded. 10 were killed. about 10 members of the pkk killed as well. a car bomb blamed on them killed
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10 people including civilians. there has been a sharp increase between fighting groups. they fear the group is gaining strength. they held a memorial for the soldiers. their bodies were flown out by helicopter. >> for the latest, let's go live to tomas in istanbul. how serious is the situation after this? the usually launched large scale offenses in the wake of the type of attacks. >> it has been the same case right now. the sophistication of the latest pkk attack is extraordinary. they attacked four different places at the same time using rifles, rocket-propelled grenades. it was a very well-organized attack on the security
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installation. that will have people in an borah very worried because it comes -- angorra very worried because it comes after other attacks and one threatening a takeover the area. all efforts have failed to stop them so far. >> turkish officials claim that syria is providing them with material support and they have threatened action. what possible options does angorra have here? >> if we look at what the turkish government has been saying, the prime minister has been threatening against the installation in syria and we see it is the same rhetoric that have been using with respect to pkk in northern iraq. there have been numerous cross-
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border attacks in recent years. i think that this is a threat to launch attacks in northern syria is credible and we could see the attacks happening in the coming weeks if this is not stopped. >> thank you for the update. >> from turkey to neighboring syria where a senior commander leading the government offensive in aleppo say they will fall within 10 days adding the 2000 rebels have been killed since the assault there began in early august. >> rebel units have been coming under increasing pressure. their leaders say they are continuing to receive new recruits and better weapons. what's the latest violence comes as the latest peace envoy to syria admitted his task was "nearly impossible."
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>> despite a five-week offensive, parts of aleppo are still in rebel hands. the opposition reported more deaths from government airstrikes on strongholds. in damascus, they say a car bomb killed five people in a pro- government area. in another damascus suburbs, they claim to have captured missiles from the army. the syrian information minister says his government is fully behind the mission, but all peace efforts will fail unless other countries stop supporting the rebels. what is needed is for the weapons, money, and trading to stop. no initiatives our efforts will succeed in some countries continue to help the fighters in this way. >> he added that all refugees were free to return without fear of arrest.
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thousands are still arriving at the turkish border hoping to escape the violence. >> in nine days, the german supreme court will issue a key decision that will decide whether or not german taxpayers will continue bailing out other euro zone governments and banks. >> and today wolfgang schaeuble said he was confident that they would not be using these tools. >> there are calls for the ecb to buy up the debt of the week for eurozone members. >> many economists say spain, italy, portugal and greece are bottomless pits for eurozone rescue funds. the banks need vast amounts of fresh money. the ecb wants to help stabilize them by purchasing government bonds but they have reiterated britain's opposition to the plan. he said military policy should
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not be used to finance sovereign debt. it is something we should never do under any circumstances. many experts say there is no other way to stem the eurozone crisis. >> we still have tremendous problems in the european zone. we cannot get out of the problems the old-fashioned way. the new way is to buy massive european government bonds. otherwise, i see no chance to solve the european problem. >> the greek finance minister is coming to berlin to brief his german counterpart on the latest austerity package. at the end of the week, the eu, imf, and ecb tricot will reevaluate the process and they will determine whether or not happens receives the latest installment of bailout funds. >> on to the markets.
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european share start of the trading week with their biggest one-day gains in a month. our correspondent send us this information from frankfurt. >> there's no doubt the discussion about monetary policy continues to be the main driver in the markets. but that is why non-official statements draghi made in brussels are playing an even more important role. draghi reportedly said an intervention of the ecb is needed because the antar-bank system is malfunctioning meaning the financial system within the eurozone. that the reason to investors to continue to bed on held by the reserve bank and to continue to bet on rising stock prices. >> conrad in frankfurt. for a closer look on monday
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numbers, finishing up by more than .6%. stoxx finishing at 2463. no trading on wall street. it is a long holiday weekend and a labor day monday. the euro looking stronger. >> tensions are on the rise between azerbaijani and armenian. european union are concerned that there. colin to exercise constraint. relations have been a fraud since an officer returned home after he was present in hungary for be heading an armenian soldier. after he was extradited, the president pardoned him and promoted him to a major. protests have broken out across armenia in response.
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they have been brought in for processing. one out of 60 will remain due to difficulty of verifying their addresses. the rest of them, under law, have the caused outrage forcing them to drop the charges. >> even authorities are moving to put quotas on women in a major corporation management structures according to reports. >> the justice ministry plans to impose legal quotas on all 27 eu members this autumn. this would oblige listed companies to increase the number of women on their boards to 45% by 2020. >> in germany, 20% of the board members on the dax-listed
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companies are female. >> she sits on the continental supervisory board. among the companies listed on the german stock exchange has one woman on its top decision making body. they ranked germany in the mid tier in its percentage of women executives. among european countries, finland ranks the highest with the women making up 27% of top executives in major corporations. germany is only slightly above the eu average at 16%. italy, where women account for 6% of executives, was up the bottom of the table. german companies have been slow to accept greater gender balance at the executive level. among private employers, 30% of managers are women, up from 21% a decade ago. if the earnings lagged 20% behind those of their male counterparts.
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>> in just a moment, we will have some action from the pair olympics. first, a brief look at other stories making the news. >> lufthansa cabin crew gearing up for a second round of strikes. they won the airline to stop outsourcing cabin staff. >> a dutch court has sentenced a 15-year-old boy to the maximum one year in juvenile detention for stabbing a girl to death. he will have to spend two years in a psychiatric facility. it has been dubbed "the facebook murder." two people arranged for killing on the social networking site. >> the former editor of "news of the world" is appearing in court conspiring to illegally hacked sell funds and spy on private conversations. there has been public outrage
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over the acting has led to the paper's closure in july of last year. in berlin, writers and artists gathered for the city's international literature festival getting under way on tuesday. >> the opening address will be delivered by a chinese author who was jailed after there'd tiananmen square. >> it features art by chinese dissidents. >> these pictures were taken in tibet during the chinese cultural revolution. they testify to the devastating intent to write -- wipe out cultural ideals. this is the work of the nobel prize winner under house arrest. the exhibition is titled, " visible and invisible prisoners." it talks about the dissenting
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chinese views. this author spent four years in prison. he was beaten. his book was banned and manuscript destroyed. he says this sends a political message. >> i want to show what conditions are really like in china. artists are in danger. there is no freedom. you need to ask yourself why so many of them are the objects of oppression. there's also the question of the value of human life in china. >> this picture recalls one of the biggest disasters in china. in 1975, tens of thousands were killed in the wake of a typhoon. he recorded the names of children who were killed when their school collapsed in the
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2008 earthquake. >> coming up, a controversial book about the vatican goes on sale in germany. >> we will be back to check out what has been going on at the paralympics. don't go away.
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>> thanks for staying with us. could u.s. president barack obama windup addressing the democratic national convention in a rain down stadium on thursday? >> those are the fears of organizers who say the president's speech aiming to uplift the voters in the economic uncertainty could be drowned out by power of thunderstorms in the forecast. >> come rain or shine in charlotte, n.c., delegates are getting ready to pull out all stops like they do every four years when it is time to render their approval. >> she is campaigning for the reelection of president barack obama. she is the field director for
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the local democratic headquarters in columbia mayor washington. she will be a delicate at the party convention in charlotte, n.c. >> it's such an honor to be chosen, to be able to go to the convention as a delegate, especially being so young. i decided to talk with different people there, all the people who have much more experience than myself and learning from them. >> it gives democrats from across the nation the chance to network and there are high expectations of obama as speech when he accepts the nomination on thursday. >> is definitely important for president obama to talk about what he's done in the past four years and how it has helped us as a country and see what he's going to do moving forward. >> and tight security surrounds the convention center in charlotte as they get ready for the show starts.
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>> illegal immigration from mexico is a hot-button issue in the united states and it looks to set a key role in the upcoming presidential election in november. both are eager to win the hispanic vote. >> now is the time to spell out what they want in return for their support. a group of hispanic activists entering the u.s. in what they are calling the ride for justice care of them. it will arrive at the democratic national convention in north carolina where it begins on tuesday. >> latino drivers are accustomed to paying close attention to the speed limit. illegal immigrants fear getting pulled over by the police could lead to deportation. she came to the u.s. from mexico 16 years ago. she does not have papers and lives in constant anxiety. the bus tour is aimed at helping improve conditions for latinos. >> my biggest concern was leaving my son for six weeks.
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other than about, i really like the idea of getting on the bus and trying to help. >> the activists are traveling across the country to reach their final destination, the democratic national convention, kicking off in charlotte, n.c., on tuesday. latinos are one of the fastest- growing population groups in the u.s. and politicians can simply no longer a ignore their demands. many hispanics are u.s. citizens and are eligible to vote. one of them is gabrielle lowe, the driver. she is disappointed with president obama and democrats but as republicans refused to even address the issue of illegal immigrants. >> they do not want to accept that there is a solution. they just want to continue beefing up the border and throwing money at more border patrol. and before we come up with anything, we need to secure our
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borders. >> one stop is the town in the southeastern state of georgia. residents here express views typical in many parts of the u.s. >> there are too many illegals taking advantage of our society. >> do you feel the border is secure enough? >> i do not feel it is really secure enough. i really don't. >> they take the easy jobs and people who cannot get jobs, like me. we need to crack down on it more. >> activists have organized gatherings like this one to try to help latino's improve their situation. about 60 hispanic residents have turned out, many of them illegal immigrants. the campaign is -- sure you are part of the society. they talk about the dream shared by people like natalie.
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>> monday i will not live in fear that i can walk out of my house without the fear of getting stopped or pulled over. my child can go and play like a regular kid. i have the fear that one day i may have to return home. >> they are taking their cost to the democratic national convention in charlotte. they want to share their experience with politicians in the hopes that one day, they will no longer have to live in constant fear. clucks many people think of the megacities sao paulo when they talk about brazil's booming economy. there is another city attracting lots of investors. you want to avoid the high import duty and taxes. >> it is a free import zone in the middle of the amazon rain forest. some 550 companies have already set up shop there and it is still growing.
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>> the always enjoys the view from his office. everything started for him in this town. he says he got his first opportunities here. now he had the biggest logistics' company in the region. >> quite honestly, when i see this, i can hardly believe it. i come from the slums, the third. i've never been to university. i hardly got through grade school. my family just did not have any money for my education. >> huge international container ships dock at his harbor. the business is thriving. almost everything that comes in the city or goes out goes by ship. he is benefiting from the increasing number of enterprises which have settled here.
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the city's industrial zone has grown almost 18% in one year. the business is expanding with it. >> here, we now have a floating appear about 450 meters long. we can handle four large ships. we want to extend the pier by 400 meters. in recent years, i have been buying up land piece by piece like pizza slices. it is now complete used for expansion. >> from a provincial town, it has developed into a mitropoulos attracting 600 million euros in foreign direct investment last year. computer and flat screen manufacturers can save 60% in taxes by producing in the special economic zone. one in three sell bonds in
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brazil is made here. if the state economics minister says it has been a bone for the region as a whole. >> due to our development model, the special economic zone has resulted in the rain forest remaining intact in our area. in other states in the amazon region, the pleasure -- the pressure to clear the forest is much greater because it depends on cattle ranching. we do not have that pressure in the state of amazonas. >> the amounts of deforestation here is actually very low compared to surrounding regions. if that is to continue, limits will be set on industrial expansion. at least the tourist industry has plenty of room for growth in the coming years. >> the release this week of the book in german is shedding dark light on the vatican.
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it was originally published in italian. the german version includes previously unreleased documents and information. >> , the investigative journalist wrote the book by obtaining permission from a number of sources close to both pope benedict xvi. one of the authors is currently facing trial in italy. >> the german edition of the book was launched in berlin. he defended his informants. he says he never paid them money. those who gave information did so in the interests of transparency. he is awaiting trial for smuggling documents out of the vatican. the official response has been too harsh, he says. >> everyone should draw the wrong conclusions about whether it was necessary to keep someone in solitary confinement for months to give photocopies to journalists.
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>> the informants and just wanted to show that the vatican works like any other state. that involves corruption, conspiracy, and power games. the german edition also says the pope is unhappy with german bishops because they do not defend them enough against criticism. >> the controversy continues at the paralympics fact of the surprise loss in the 200 meter final. and the unsportsmanlike way he reacted. he became the first double- amputee ever to compete in the london games was looking for a third straight metal when he was overtaken. it was the first 200 meters he has lost in nine years. gold went instead to a brazilian runner. he has not been a graceful in
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defeat. immediately after the race, he said he only lost because the rules are unfair allowing other competitors to use blades that are too long. >> they allow double amputees to make themselves very tall. you have seen what the result of it is. it is unfair to the sport. >> he has since apologized for the timing of his comments but insists there is a problem with the rules. they consider the complaint is ironic since he has spent years fighting claims that his blades gives him the unfair advantage competing against able-bodied athletes. >> that's all we have time for. thanks for joining us. >> we will be back with more news at the top of the hour. bye-bye.
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